December 31, 2013

There was nothing to report for the month of December

I wish all our customers and the visitors to their websites a most prosperous and happy New Year 2014.


December 31 , 2013

November 30, 2013

Still Nothing To Report

Isn't it wonderful to have a web host that just keeps on hosting with zero downtime?

Today I'll report that your webmaster just turned 75 and has experienced very little downtime over the years. I wish all my customers and friends many happy, healthy years.

November 30 , 2013

Keigla Boat's Services

Keigla Boat's Services has joined the happy family of websites hosting at Keigla's Boat Services is a shipping and travel agent catering to cruising sailors at Marina Bahia Redonda Internacional. They are fluent in English, French and Spanish and so have all the bases covered.

Welcome Keigla!

November 28 , 2013

Server Outage Report

At 05:46 HTTPme Staff informed is down for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 45 minutes.

At 07:43 HTTPme Staff informed that the server was rebooted and it is performing file system check.

At 14:13 HTTPme Staff informed that the server was up and running except email.

At 16:10 mail is up and running.

Over 10 hours downtime.

March 17, 2013

Server Outage Report

At 8:39 HTTPme Staff informed that our server is down on account of a node server affecting four servers. Estimated downtime is 10 minutes.

At 9:15 HTTPme Staff informed that the servers were up and running but there is still a problem with the mail server.

At 11:01 HTTPme Staff reported a hardware malfunction. Expected downtime is 30 minutes.

At 14:26 HTTPme Staff reported the filesystem for the node server has been completed and all servers are running fine.

Total downtime: 05:47 hours

March 10, 2013

December 31, 2012

Another eventless quarter, the way I like it!

This December marks the tenth anniversary of my signing up with Over the years the service has only gotten better: moved to a better data-center in California, they added storage and bandwidth, offsite backup, an offsite server (where is running). The help desk has been quick and helpful.

My best wishes for a prosperous New Year to Steven Mizrahi and his crew in the name of all my satisfied customers as well as myself!


December 31, 2012